Changing it up

I have just finished my 23rd year of teaching.  I am extremely fortunate to be in a district where teachers and administrators are committed to putting children first.  I have spent the vast majority of my 23 years teaching intermediate grades.  There are so many things I love about teaching children in 4th/5th grade. However, I was ready for a change, and I felt a calling to go younger.  I am thrilled to announce that next year I will be teaching second grade!

Now that summer has started, I have a to do list that is about a mile long.  One of the most critical items on my list is to familiarize myself with the second grade standards.  That way, I can make sure to select books and activities that are meaningful for my students.  

I created a set of ELA learning targets to post in my classroom.  (Math learning targets are coming soon.)  I love the color scheme of my blog so much, that I used the same colors on the learning targets. You can check out the preview below.  If you are interested in purchasing these learning targets for your classroom, just click on the pink button below.

Thank you!


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