Taking Notes Using Google Keep

There are so many great ways to keep notes, plans, and to do lists.  I have seen many versions of cute planners and teacher binders.  However, I am leaning more and more toward digital versions of these types of products.  For the past year or so, I was using Evernote to help organize notes from meetings, house projects, blog ideas, etc.  Recently, I received notice that Evernote would begin charging for use on more than two devices.  That was enough to make me search for an alternative.

Enter Google Keep.

Google Keep is a great way to take notes and stay organized!

I am finding Google Keep to be an excellent alternative to take and organize my notes.  Here are the reasons why I love it!

***It is free!  :)

*** You can use it on any electronic device.  There is no need to sign in as long as you are logged into your Chrome account.  Although I use it on my computer and iPad most often, I also have the app on my phone.  I love that when I use it from my computer, I can add several extensions as well. (More on these coming up.)

*** You can color code your notes and create custom categories for each color.  This is my favorite feature!  Once you add the Category Tabs extension, you can easily find your color coded notes.  (You can still color code and create categories without the extension, the codes just won't appear on the top navigation bar.) Here are my navigation bars.  ( I have two Google accounts work & personal.)

Learn how to easily color code and find notes using Google Keep.

*** You can add hashtags to connect notes across different categories and/or further organize notes within categories.  The hashtags will not appear on the top navigation bar, so it stays clean.  However, they will appear in alphabetical order along with your categories on the menu (sidebar).

*** You can save any website directly to keep.  Once you install the Chrome extension for Google Keep, you can easily save any website to the folder of your choice.   When you click on the small tag, you can select the category for your note.

Learn how to easily save sites and take notes using Google Keep.

*** It is extremely easy to use.  Taking notes, inserting pictures, organizing your notes, sharing, and setting reminders can all be done with a click or two.

*** You can easily switch from one account to another.  I have two Chrome log ins - one for work and one for personal.  I thought about having all of my notes in one place.  To reduce clutter, I went ahead and loaded Keep on both accounts.  I rarely use my work account at home, and I never use my personal account at work, so it should be fine.  To switch accounts on the iPad, you just have to go to the menu and select your other account.  

I love using Google Keep, and I intend to continue using it, but there are a few things I hope to see added in the near future.  When taking notes, it would be nice to be able to underline or use bold/italics. Surprisingly, there is no option for this.  Also, I wish I could add hyperlinks.  Although saving websites automatically gives me a link, sometimes it would be nice to add a hyperlink within a note.  Finally, an undo button would be nice.

I understand the Google Keep has evolved quite a bit since it's onset, so hopefully it will continue to do so!

Google Keep is an excellent alternative for taking notes.  Bonus:  It's free!

Thank you, and have a great week!



  1. I use Google Chrome on my laptop as my primary browser. I took advantage of the "People" option and have different users for each of my accounts. I have themed each one so I know at a glance where I am.

    I love this idea.

  2. I didn't even know this existed and my system uses Google for EVERYTHING. I love this because I'm always losing my notepad that I take notes on during staff meetings. <3

  3. Have you ever had any problems with notes saving?

    1. No, I haven't. Everything has always saved across devices. I hope you didn't lose anything critical!



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