Wednesday's Words: Sentence Writing & More

I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend.  We got a lot of snow Friday night in Columbus.  I'm trying to stay warm and catch up on some things around the house.

One of the skills my class is working on is writing answers in clear, complete sentences that include the specific details that are needed to answer the question in the best way possible.  I am always trying to think of engaging ways for students to practice this skill.  Recently, I started a sentence writing activity that I call "Wednesday's Words".

Great practice for answering questions with a complete sentence!  This post includes a free download!

Every Wednesday for morning work, I pose a question for the students.  Each student writes the answer to the question on a Post-it note and places it on a class chart.  Students know they must write in a complete sentence with proper capitalization and punctuation.  Otherwise, I will remove their response, and they must rewrite it during choice time.

The topics of the questions vary from our class read aloud to favorite desserts.  I include topics from content subjects and Leader in Me.  I always put my answer to the question on the board to serve as a model.

Great practice for answering questions with a complete sentence!  This post includes a free download!

I have found many benefits to using this system.
1.  I am learning more about my students.
2.  It's awesome to have morning work that is meaningful, but requires almost no time to assess.
3.  Students are starting to carry these skills over to their daily work.
4.  Students are learning about each other.  I love that they check out the chart from time to time, as it is kept up for a week.
5.  It's a lot easier to monitor the corrections.  I always found it hard to track down students to correct work that is not done in complete sentences.  This way, I can see who needs to make the correction and easily make sure they get it done.
6.  Students receive regular practice on several skills in a very small amount of time.
7.  Eventually, I'll switch it up and write an answer.  Students will have to provide the question.  I may also include some math questions. This will provide opportunities to practice different skills in a familiar way.

If you'd like to use these signs in your own classroom, you can download them by clicking here or on the picture below.

Wednesday's Words: A free and easy way to practice responding using complete sentences!

What have you found to be an effective strategies for teaching students respond using complete sentences?   I would love to hear your ideas!

Thank you, and have a great week!

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