Over the years, I have tried many systems for assigning student jobs.  Today, I'd like to share what's working this year, after combining some different aspects of what has worked in the past.

Student committees are working out well for me this year.  You can download a freebie to create your own classroom committees.

When I taught intermediate grades, I found that I liked having various committees.  Initially, when I moved to second grade, I went back to individual jobs.  My plan was always to either have some type of rotating schedule or to have students re-select the jobs they would like every two weeks.  I ran into two problems with these methods.  First of all, it seemed the switch would occur right when students were getting used to their jobs.  Secondly, it could be very time-consuming for students to select their jobs.

This year, I decided to go back to committees, but I made a few adjustments from the way I used to run them.  The students and I worked together to determine what the committees would be and how many students should be in each committee.  The next day, I handed out the form below for students to select their first, second, and third options.

(Editable form available here.)

I sorted the forms and assigned committee members accordingly. I know change is good for some, and others would want to remain on the same committee throughout the year.  I knew I needed a quick, easy way to display the committees, the responsibilities, and make it easy for the students to switch as needed.  Enter Velcro tape and this design.

Student committees are working out well for me this year.  You can download a freebie to create your own classroom committees.

Now, at the end of each month, students are able to switch jobs if they wish.  I simply remove the numbers of the students who want to switch (only a couple this first time) and randomly select them.  The students choose their new jobs in the order they were drawn.  Even if a student isn't completely happy with their new committee, it's only for a month, and then they will be allowed to change again.

You can download my committee charts by clicking here.  (Because I originally made them in Power Point, the fonts are different.  However, I wanted to make sure you could edit them to meet the needs of your classroom.)

If you'd like to try this system, but need student number labels, I have seven options in my store.  I use these for so many things in my classroom!  You can see the color options below.  All sets are 20% off until the end of the day on Wednesday, October 3, 2018.


Thank you, and have a great week!

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