I love using Google!  Here are some of my favorite apps and extensions.

1.  Electronic Sticky Notes can be a great organizational tool.  Click here to read my blog post.

2. Google Keep is a great way to take and organize your notes.  Read about why I love it here.

1. Scroll to Top allows to to scroll through any website with a click of a (cute) button.  You can read my blog post here.

2. Google Keep allows you to save websites directly to your notes.  See how on this post.

3.  Category Tabs for Google Keep give you a color coded navigation bar to easily organize and find your notes.  See my navigation bars here.

4.  AdBlock for YouTube gets rid of all the annoying advertisements that are played before the video starts.  See my post here.

5.  NextVid Stopper prevents the next YouTube video from starting automatically.  Read my post here.

6.  Hide Comment hides all of the YouTube comments that you may not want your students to read.  Read my post here.

7.  Distraction Free is another great YouTube extension.  It gets rid of all the distracting video suggestions that appear to the right of the video you are watching.  Read why I love it here.

8.  Screencastify is an awesome video screen recording device.  Read about how I use it to share math strategies with parents here.

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